Values & Viewpoints

• Yes, I am a Caldwell County School Board (Board of Education) Candidate.• Yes, I am registered as Unaffiliated (Independent).• Yes, I am a Christian. A Christian Wife, A Christian Mother. Being unaffiliated doesn’t mean that I am not.• Yes, I have Christian Values.• Yes, I live and raise my family with those same Christian Values.• Yes, I am running for a Nonpartisan Office.• Yes,… Read More »Values & Viewpoints

Lenoir Woman Files for School Board

A sixth candidate has joined the race for three seats on the Caldwell County Board of Education. Sarah Greer Koenig, 39, of Lenoir is a former nurse who now works as a Guardian ad Litem advocate, a trained community volunteer who represents the needs of children in the court system. She also serves on the North Carolina PTA Board of Directors and is the mother… Read More »Lenoir Woman Files for School Board

What About Covid?

Question: For the sake of transparency, should Caldwell County Schools follow other counties’ lead and post the positive numbers of COVID cases in the school system regularly so that parents/guardians can make more informed decisions to keep their families and community as safe as possible? Answer: Mr. and Mrs. Longano, First, thank you for reaching out and asking me this question. It’s one question that… Read More »What About Covid?

Standardized Testing

Since One-Stop Early Voting began, I have had the privilege to speak to so many voters about education, and so many have asked me about what I think about standardized tests and common core standards. Many of these voters were educators, parents, and some who wore both hats. I’m sharing my thoughts about the above topic because so many felt my stance was critical for… Read More »Standardized Testing

Interview Questions from News Topic

Sarah’s Response – Like anything else, technology is a tool. We can not get so focused on just the technology that we forget our core purpose — Learning. It’s like architecture. The form follows function. So as long as the form is age-appropriate and improves learning, we should undoubtedly utilize it. But, at this moment, no one of us can speak as to what our… Read More »Interview Questions from News Topic