Sarah’s Story

Sarah Greer Koenig, 39, is a 5th generation native of Caldwell County, NC. Her husband, Michael, is a business owner and an award-winning local and regional nature photographer. She and Michael have two children, Norah (14) and Noah (12), who are both enrolled in Caldwell County Schools.

Sarah Greer Koenig and Kids

She is the daughter of former Caldwell County Magistrate, the late Robert “Buck” Greer, and Marzetta Hayes Greer. Sarah is a proud product of the Caldwell County School system, having attended West Lenoir Elementary, William Lenoir Middle, and graduating from West Caldwell High School. After Sarah and Mike were married in 2005, they decided that Sarah’s hometown of Caldwell County was precisely the type of community where they wanted to start their life together and begin a family.

Sarah worked in healthcare until learning that they were expecting their first child. Then Sarah, along with her husband, decided that if it was at all possible, it was important for Sarah to stay at home full-time to raise their children during their children’s most formative years. It was on pure faith, hope, and prayer that Sarah placed her career on hold to take on what she says is “the most important job I’ll ever have, being a mom.” Shortly following their daughter’s birth, the Lord blessed their family once again with their son, who was born 3 months premature.

Sarah credits her Christain upbringing and both of her parents for instilling in her solid hometown values, starting from the time she could walk. Some of those include the importance of having a good work ethic, strong character, good morals, having a giving heart, showing fairness, speaking up when you feel something isn’t right and when someone is treated wrongly. But, the most important one she says is, “always remembering that as humans, we are all flawed and deserve grace, and we should give that same grace to others.”

After her children entered school, Sarah slowly dipped her toes into volunteering and doing outreach within the local school system and various community outreach programs. Sarah strives to serve in roles that enhance and nurture the children in her community.  She currently serves in the Guardian Ad Litem Program for the 25th Judicial District as a trained child advocate in the court systems as a voice for the children in Caldwell and surrounding counties. 

Sarah has served her community in numerous ways, in programs, committees, and volunteer positions within Caldwell County Schools. She also has served at the local, county, and state levels within the NC Parent-Teacher Association. Two years ago, she was asked to be a part of the NCPTA Governance Committee for the North Carolina Congress of the National Parent-Teacher Association. After a long nomination and interview process earlier this year, Sarah was thrilled and honored to have been elected by the state board to fill one of their open seats and began her role as an At-Large Director on North Carolina Congress PTA Board of Directors. The Director and Executive Committee appointed her as the State Chair for the North Carolina State Advocacy Committee and Chair of the North Carolina Special Education Committee after assessing her character, witnessing her dedication, and receiving several recommendations. 

Sarah says she is always a mother and wife first and foremost, but characterizes herself as a full-time volunteer and advocate. She says, “The job of advocacy comes with no money or a paycheck,” but that she is “gifted with the satisfaction” she feels when helping others and that her heart fills joy from being richly blessed from the work she does.  Sarah likes to characterize herself as an “Advocate who fights for every child with the fierceness and unrelenting spirit of a Mother.” You will often hear Sarah say, “Advocate like a Mother.” She believes that if everyone would advocate for every single child with the same determination that a Mother/Parent does for their children, then one could only begin to imagine how much brighter every child’s futures would become, including ours.”

Sarah is eager to share her passion for advocating for Caldwell County students, plans to implement strategies that will continue to engage parents and community members, and be an advocate and a voice for all children.